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Formerly known as Square Cash, Cash App is disrupting the direct peer-to-peer payment space. As long as you have an active bank account tied to your account, you can transfer and receive money, purchase from retailers, and even invest your savings in Bitcoin and stocks.
The Best App to Make Money and Save Money
You likely know Cash App, even if you’ve never used it before. Cash App is the renamed and rebranded brainchild of the people behind Square. Helmed by Jack Dorsey, known for founding Twitter, Cash App allows consumers to send and receive money from their linked bank account or spend money straight from the app.
So, what makes Cash App standout from its competitors?
With Cash App, it’s completely free to send and receive money, and ATM fees from the app are waived. However, be cautious that you could still be responsible for fees levied by the ATM.

With Cash App, it's completely free to send and receive money, and ATM fees from the app are waived.

How to Earn
Cash App is often confused with CashApp, a somewhat sketchy platform that pays you to play games on your phone. If you’re looking for an app to make money in droves, know that Cash App is more of a slow burn.
However, while less direct than other money making apps, there is still potential to earn on Cash App. The good news? In a sea of unsecured apps that make money, Cash App has numerous security measures in place to protect your data and privacy.
Cash App offers two avenues to boost your savings:
This way to make money from apps is so stress-free and straightforward, there’s no excuse not to take advantage! If you have friends who don’t already have an account linked to Cash App, you will receive $5 to refer them to the app and have them link a debit card.
In a similar vein, Cash App sponsors a range of popular podcasts. If you listen carefully, the podcast host will announce their referral code. If you download the app and enter the code, an automatic $10 will go right into your Cash App account.
This is the most lucrative way to earn, but also the most risky. Just like the Robinhood and Coinbase apps, Cash App offers an opportunity for investment.
What makes Cash App the best money making app out of these three is the opportunity to invest in fractions of stocks. If you can’t afford a full $500 share of Tesla, for example, Cash App allows you to buy a fraction of the share for $5 or whatever you can afford.
Earning Potential
While the earning potential through referrals is limited, the opportunities to grow your savings by investing with Cash App are endless.
The easiest way to make money from stocks or cryptocurrency is to employ the classic investment strategy of buying at a dip and selling at a surge. This simple math is how day traders hit the big time.
Who Uses Cash App?
Anyone in the U.S. or U.K. with a valid bank account can take advantage of Cash App.
If you’re looking for an easy app to make money, look no further. Cash App’s intuitive interface is perfect for novice and experienced investors alike.
Download the App
Download Cash App, refer friends, invest in cryptocurrency, and watch your savings soar.
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