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People buy gift cards for their friends and family all the time. But what if they were making money each time they sent or received a gift card? Gift Card Granny is an online discount gift card retailer and comparison app that allows consumers to search numerous gift card websites and either purchase gift cards for a discounted price or sell them below face value.
App Overview
Founded: 2009, Fort Collins, Colorado, United States
Headquarters: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States
Type of business: Privately held company
With Gift Card Granny, you’re able to earn rewards whenever you buy or send a gift card. Each gift card gives a certain amount of cashback when you purchase that card. Sometimes that amount will be listed as a percentage and other times you get a fixed dollar amount.

With Gift Card Granny, you're able to earn rewards whenever you buy or send a gift card.

You can choose to send virtual gift cards or order customized physical gift cards. You can create custom gift cards by adding logos, pictures, or messages. You also have the option to sell any unwanted gift cards for cashback. All you have to do is enter the brand or retailer of the gift card, the amount, the gift card code, and any other relevant details to get paid! We sell eGift cards, Visa gift cards, Mastercard gift cards, and more.
How To Earn
There are a few different ways you can earn money through Gift Card Granny. Spread the word of savings and refer your friends and family members! When you sign up, you get a unique referral link. When you share that link with your friends and they use it to sign up, you get cashback for your referral.
You can also earn money by completing simple tasks like joining Gift Card Granny, registering for their newsletter, and making gift card purchases through their platform. The little things really do add up. Everything you do can get you Granny Cash Back Rewards to put money back in your wallet.
Earning Potential
The earning potential with Gift Card Granny is limitless! Each gift card you purchase gives you a different amount of money back, ranging from $0.50 to $5. All you have to do is find a gift card that you love so you can get the listed amount of cashback on your purchase.
Currently, all rewards are issued as $5 increment eGift cards to select premier merchants, with additional payout methods coming in the near future.
With Gift Card Granny, you need a minimum of $10 to get a cashback redemption. Or, if you want to cash out your rewards as a gift card, you can do so once you’ve earned at least $5.
Please note that unredeemed rewards expire one year after the date that they were earned.
Start Earning Big With Gift Card Granny
As a leading gift card website and app with over 13.9 million annual visitors, all discount gift cards from Gift Card Granny are 100% safe and guaranteed. Regardless of what you’re looking to buy, we are sure you’ll be able to find it through this platform. With so many cashback opportunities, the options are truly limitless.
Download Gift Card Granny and start earning rewards today!
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