Introducing Qapital: The Best Investment App for Beginners

If you have a difficult time saving money, you’re not alone. Luckily, the tech landscape is now brimming with innovative money-making apps. Among the most interesting of these is Qapital.
So, what exactly is Qapital? And how does it help you save? Keep reading for everything you need to know about Qapital’s earning potential.
An Easy App to Make Money Fast
Launched seven years ago and based out of New York City, Qapital aims to help its users gain better control over their spending to save and invest in a secure financial future. At its core, Qapital is a banking app. However, it’s a banking app that makes the tiresome task of tracking your finances fun.

At its core, Qapital is a banking app. However, it's a banking app that makes the tiresome task of tracking your finances fun.

Qapital allows you to set your own savings rules. It borrows most of its initiatives from the IFTTT(if this, then that) formulas. Similar to Acorns, another great way to make money by apps, Qapital uses the roundup rule.
What does this mean? Every time you make a purchase, your charge will go up to the nearest $2. If you go to the corner shop and purchase a can of soda for $.90, $1.10 will automatically go into your savings.
How to Earn
There are now many ways to make money from apps, but Qapital is the most effortless and exciting. With a massive range of budgeting tools and rules explicitly designed for millennials, Qapital makes building your savings effortless. Here’s how:
Saving with Qapital
Qapital’s Set & Forget Rule allows you to gradually transfer money towards specific goals on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis – you decide.
The 52 Week Rule enables you to incrementally boost the amount of money you transfer toward your predetermined goals. For example, you can save $5 the first week, then $6 the second week, and increase it by one dollar for each week of the year.
Investing with Qapital
Now it’s time to bring home the big bucks. In 2018, Qapital added the Qapital Invest feature to the app to support users with long term goals.
Your Qapital Invest portfolio recommendation will be informed by the time horizon of your goal. For instance, if you’re saving for a daunting down payment on your dream home, the portfolio will be more conservative. If you’re young and starting to save for retirement, it will take more risks.
Earning Potential
With Qapital, you can set up as many goals as you desire and for any amount. Maybe you want to save $500 for a weekend away or $20,000 for an epic multi-country vacation – either way, Qapital demystifies the difficulties of saving.
Your saving and earning potential are endless. Qapital gives you the power to decide how aggressively you want to save and invest.
For young millennials just learning how to save and invest, Qapital is the make money app of 2020. Intuitive and effective, there is no downside to downloading Qapital.
Download the app today to start saving.
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