How Can I Make Money From Apps?

Have you ever wondered about learning how to make money from apps? Though you may think that you have to jump through tons of hoops to earn a few cents, it’s often far easier to make bank with a few smartphone or tablet applications.
The trick is knowing which ones to invest in. So, what’s the scoop? Keep reading to find out how you can find real money making apps and starting pulling in that dough.
How Can I Make Money From Apps?
There are tons of ways that you could easily begin to earn money from apps. It all comes down to how you’d like to earn money and how eager you are to quickly earn big bucks. Each route offers specific pros and cons.

There are tons of ways that you could easily begin to earn money from apps. It all comes down to how you'd like to earn money and how eager you are to quickly earn big bucks.

For example, you could choose to earn money via discount or cashback apps. But these require you to spend money to make money. If you’re determined to start from $0 and work your way up, a task or survey-based app may work better.
Types of Money Making Apps
Though we mentioned quite a few of the most common types of money-making apps above, it’s vital to identify each one and explain how it works. As such, some of the most popular money-making apps tend to fall into one of five categories.
These categories are:
* Discounts
* Cashback
* Tasks
* Surveys
* Referrals
We’ll go ahead and take a deep dive into each app type so that you can choose to invest your time (and potentially your current funds) into the best possible apps.
Remember, this article will only cover a handful of potential options. If you’re eager to find more money-making apps, you could always search a curated database.
Discount-based money-making apps can be extremely beneficial. Most of us spend money on a daily or weekly basis. A worthwhile discounts app can help you reduce the amount of money you spend by finding timely discounts and applying them.
Many discount-based apps require you to create an account. Some may also offer browser extensions or add-ons. This way, you can shop on your favorite sites while still having access to amazing deals and sales.
Let’s take a moment to consider two popular discount apps: RetailMeNot and Honey.
If you’re looking for a quick discounts fix, you can always rely on RetailMeNot. While they do offer free membership, users can also access discount codes without registering. RetailMeNot offers coupons for a wide variety of goods.
You can find food, furniture, hotel reservations, clothes, and tons of other products at a discounted price, thanks to the RetailMeNot coupon database. This database is perpetually updated, ensuring that users have access to useable codes.
However, the user interface is reminiscent of an early 2000’s site. Honey has a far more attractive UI, and its points system is clearly explained and explored.
Interestingly, RetailMeNot sued Honey over patent infringement in 2018. That didn’t stop Honey from growing into a competitive sales-driving company that continues to rival RetailMeNot in audience and application.
Like RetailMeNot, Honey finds online discounts and applies them to items in your shopping cart. It can perform this search-and-apply function for nearly any item you can find online. Each purchase earns the user points, called Honey Gold.
When a user collects enough of these points, they can redeem them for a gift card of their choosing. In this way, Honey has dual functions. On the one hand, it helps you find great discounts on items you need to buy.
On the other hand, it helps you save money by offering gift cards after you’ve used the application several times. It’s no wonder that Honey is quickly outpacing older, still-beloved apps like RetailMeNot.
Some of the best money making apps are cashback ones. Discount apps are great for keeping your grocery bill low and reducing the cost of expensive items like furniture, but they don’t often put money back into your pocket.
Cashback apps reward you for making purchases. When you spend a little money on something you need, you could see a certain percentage of that purchase return to your bank account.
For this reason, cashback apps are a great way for shoppers to start saving and earning at the same time. But what kinds of cashback apps are out there? Well, there are quite a few.
Two examples that are worth a second look are Swagbucks and Earny.
As with RetailMeNot, Swagbucks comes from a pre-2010 era. This has allowed it to grow into a massive cashback phenomenon while also perfecting its design and application. It was once just a browser extension, but now it’s far more.
To enjoy Swagbucks, you’ll need to sign up for it. But once you’ve finished registration, you’ll have a few options. You could install the browser to help you collect points as you browse the web.
You could decide to take a paid survey instead. Either way, you’ll be earning points or Swagbucks. When you’ve earned enough of these virtual bucks, you’ll be eligible to spend them on gift cards.
In this way, Swagbucks is a somewhat purchase-free version of Honey, but without the easily applied discounts. Of course, there is an internal Swagbucks store that offers on-sale items or limited-time discounts. But it’s not the same.
Earny may not be as complex or multi-faceted as Swagbucks, but its simplicity works for it. It’s purely an extension for your browser, and it can sync with your Amazon wish list to find great deals on products you want to purchase.
But while Honey applies discounts to immediate purchases, saving you money by helping you spend less, Earny offers cashback on purchases. It also doesn’t feature a points system or gift cards.
However, Earny is a straightforward and easy to use cashback app and extension. If you’re looking for something that you can download, set up, then forget about, Earny might be right for you.
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Task-based money-making apps require zero money, but they do require time. They often feature simple tasks that anyone with a smartphone can do. They may not pay very well, but those who take this route can earn steadily over time.
Because this category is exceptionally diverse, defining task-based apps can be tricky. Let’s explore two examples to understand what makes a task-based money-earning app unique.
Shopkick recognizes that most of us aren’t living on large plots of land, growing our own produce while living in an entirely sustainable way. The majority of US adults go grocery shopping and buy their clothing from department stores instead.
And Shopkick believes that we should be rewarded for our habits. It offers a specialized points system, referred to as earning Kicks, that allows shoppers to earn gift card rewards.
This particular money-making task app’s beauty is that users can earn money without making a single purchase. The act of walking into a store is sometimes enough to earn a few kicks.
Users can also earn kicks by watching videos, scanning barcodes, and taking pictures of their receipts. The best way to stay ahead of the game is to check the app consistently throughout the day. As others complete tasks, new ones often appear.
Losing weight and meeting your step goal can be challenging when you’re working from home. During the average day, there may be little to zero impetus to walk outside. But StepBet changes things a bit.
This unique money-making app helps you kill two metaphorical birds using one authentic program. Users each contribute a small amount of money toward a betting pool. Each person then places a bet as to whether they’ll meet their weekly steps goal.
If you’re getting your walks in and exercising, you’ll earn money. If you fail, you’re out of the game and must reinvest more funds to participate again. Each game round lasts six weeks, so if you fail during the second week, you’ll need to wait.
Still, this money-making app is only a great choice if you want to get into better shape, are willing to make an initial investment, and already own a fitness tracker.
If you don’t mind answering page after page of questions, you might want to investigate paid survey apps. These will allow you to participate in various types of market research while also earning some money.
Most surveys pay small amounts of money, but those tiny sums add up over time. Consequently, the survey route might be best for those willing to invest the time and energy into taking tons of surveys each week.
It’s also crucial to note that you may not be selected to participate in all surveys. Your gender, income, or habits may preclude you from some paid opportunities.
After all, if you’re not a homeowner, you’re not going to be able to answer homeowner-based questions honestly. A great survey app will curate your list of available surveys based on the user profile you create.
Survey Junkie
Survey Junkie is perhaps the most beloved paid survey site. You sign up, create your user profile, and allow the algorithm to reveal paid surveys within your grouping. That’s it.
Each survey earns you points, and you could redeem these points for either virtual gift cards or PayPal funds. This option is somewhat unique, as participants could turn PayPal funds into cold hard cash by transferring them to a bank account.
Overall, Survey Junkie offers one of the best and most streamlined ways for users to find and benefit from paid online surveys.
Pinecone Research
Pinecone Research is just about as user-friendly as Survey Junkie. However, their pay-out options are a little more diverse.
Like with Survey Junkie, users will need to create an account and user profile to participate and begin earning. Completed surveys are compensated via points. When users have accumulated enough of these points, they can spend them.
Unlike Survey Junkie, there are more options here than just e-cards or PayPal funds. Pinecone Research allows users to spend their points on movie tickets, kids’ toys, music, and beauty products. Cash is also an option.
Are you a socialite? Then you may benefit from taking the referrals route. This type of money-making app rewards you for referring friends and family members to specific services or apps.
You could earn between $2 and $25 by just having someone sign up for something. That’s pretty cool. Here are two apps that tend to be popular among those who like to spread the good word about their services.
This was once known as Ebates but has now been rebranded as Rakuten. Nevertheless, this company’s impressive Refer-A-Friend Program lives on. While the rate fluctuates, the amount of reward money per referral is occasionally $25.
Of course, you’ll need to get your friends or loved ones to register for Rakuten, which is a cashback app. You’ll also need to gently remind them to use you as a reference when creating their user account.
Ibotta has some Honey vibes. It features a modern, user-friendly interface and primarily functions as either an app or a browser extension. Ibotta tracks your purchases and offers you cashback after a certain limit is reached.
This nifty company also offers users $10 per friend they refer. That’s a pretty sweet potential chunk of cash if you know tons of smartphone users looking for a handy cashback app.
Invest in Real Money Making Apps Today
No matter who you are, you could make money from apps. You only need to know where to look and what kinds of apps are worth investing in. Hopefully, this guide revealed a few worthy options to inflate your bank account and wallet.
If you’re eager to learn more about the best money-making apps, be sure to contact us today!
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