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Grocery shopping no longer means draining your own bank account. For Instacart shoppers, grocery shopping is now a chance to cash in. As the lingering pandemic pressures people to stay at home, the demand for Instacart shoppers continues to skyrocket, making Instacart one of the best money making apps of 2020.

Grocery shopping no longer means draining your own bank account. For Instacart shoppers, grocery shopping is now a chance to cash in.

App Overview
Instacart is a new grocery delivery service that partners with local grocery stores allowing drivers to deliver items directly to their customers’ doorsteps. The service is now available in a whopping 5,500 cities across the United States and Canada.
To function, Instacart relies on independent contractors and part-time workers to gather and transport orders.
Instacart offers flexible hours and a stress-free, simple work model: orders come through the app, shoppers collect the items, deliver them to the customers, and earn.
How to Earn
There are two different ways to earn with Instacart. Depending on your availability and career goals, you can join this money making app as either a full-service or in-store shopper.
Earn as a Full-Service Shopper
Full-service shoppers are the most common type of Instacart employee. These independent contractors shop for grocery orders that come through the app and deliver them to the designated customer. As a full-service shopper, you will be able to work an unlimited number of hours a week and earn wherever Instacart operates.
Earn as an In-Store Shopper
If you don’t have a car and still want to take advantage of this make money app or need to start chipping away at a 401(k), this is the option for you. Instacart in-store shoppers are a part-time employee of Instacart, making them eligible for benefits. As an in-store shopper, you must work 15-20 hours a week.
Earning Potential
The amount you can earn with Instacart is determined by your position and the amount of hours you have available to work. In-store shoppers are given a fixed hourly wage that fluctuates depending on the location of employment.
As a full-service shopper, the opportunities to earn increase. Instacart shoppers make at least $5 for every delivery-only fulfillment. For shop-and-deliver orders, the minimum goes up to $7 to $10 for each full-service.
Full-service shoppers also have the opportunities to make tips and work during high-demand hours.
Who Can Make Money from Apps with Instacart?
Instacart has a handful of basic requirements. Shoppers must be 18 years of age or over, be able to lift 30 pounds, have a smartphone, pass a background check, and have an active bank account.
If you are interested in being a full-service shopper, you must also present a valid driver’s license, have access to a car, and purchase your own set of insulated bags to protect perishable items during transportation.
Instacart is the breakout make money app of the pandemic. With weekly pay-outs, two ways to earn, and a limited skill set required, Instacart is one of the most accessible apps to make money with.
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