Download the Raise App for Cash and Discounted Gift Cards

Make your money worth more when you buy, send, and sell gift cards with Raise. Shop and save on thousands of your favorite brands like The Home Depot, Nike,, Best Buy, and more. Unlock discounted and cashback gift cards, coupons, and today’s best offers to save more everywhere you shop.
App Overview

Raise has helped over 2.5 million members save more than $150 million. Raise works by rewarding users with cashback and additional discounts every time they buy a digital gift card. When you make a purchase, you get a gift card at face value and you can earn additional discounts that bring the cost down and save you even more.

Raise has helped over 2.5 million members save more than $150 million.

Sign up for a free account and check Raise before you shop to save on every purchase and watch your savings add up. In the Raise marketplace, you’ll find thousands of discounted gift cards at up to 30% off, so you can save on everything from retail and restaurants to gas and grocery.
Users can set up push notifications for sale reminders, track their favorite brands, redeem digital gift cards remotely, and manage their mobile wallets all through the Raise app.
How To Earn
Earning money with the Raise app is simple! All you have to do is download the app and make an account. Once you are set up, you can begin to make money each time you purchase a gift card. All Raise gift cards are digital so they can be used from any location. Choose to either save them for future use or to use them in-store.
Each time you use the gift cards you purchased or send a gift card to a friend, you earn even more money called Raise Cash, which can be used for future purchases.
You can even put unused gift cards to good use and sell them for cash. You can earn up to 85% cashback for selling gift cards and store credits through the Raise marketplace. It’s easy and free to list, and most cards sell within 48 hours.
Earning Potential
The earnings potential for Raise is limitless! You earn as much as you shop. The more gift cards you buy and send, the more money you can earn, and the more Raise Cash you’ll have to apply on future purchases.
You can earn up to 10% back in Raise Cash instantly when you send select cards to friends and family, or buy full-priced cards for yourself. Simply enter the amount you want to spend, no more, no less. Then, apply the Raise Cash you earned to any future purchase on Raise — no exclusions.
There are no requirements for signing up for the Raise app. Anyone is eligible, making it a great choice for people who are new to making money online and want to venture into the world of earning, selling, and buying gift cards at great prices.
Start Earning Money Just by Shopping
Are you ready to start making money by doing things you’ve already been doing? Download the Raise cashback app today to get started.
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